Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Urban Oasis

I just had a great meeting with our architect Reb Haizslip today and it was very productive.  We are on track for a fall opening.  Reb presented us with a set of floor plans of the dining room, bar, and the outdoor deck area.  He also presented a clear time schedule of the process so we know exactly what the next step will be.  I can't fill you in on all the details yet, but here are a few highlights.

There will be a bar.  I was a slightly concerned that we might not have one for lack of space.  It will be a small, cozy, yet elegant bar.  The size of the bar is not a major concern with me since it will open up the the patio and and deck in nice weather.  The patio will also be covered so even if it is raining, we can seat for cocktails out there.  As I mentioned before, I am most excited about the back yard area.  The beautiful mature oak trees is the biggest asset of property. The first time we were back there, it was about 95 degrees mid-day and it was very comfortable under the shade.  I've heard from so many people how there is a lack of outdoor dining in Memphis.  Well, if I say so myself, this will be as perfect an outdoor dining spot as there can be in the city.  It is secluded and not on a sidewalk of a busy street or shopping center.  We will have lush landscaping to complete the serene surroundings.  This area will be the perfect spot for small outdoor weddings, receptions, corporate events, or just an evening out with friends. A cool cocktail, chilled glass of Gruner Vetliner, or maybe just a cold beer with a couple of appetizers under the trees sounds good to me just about now.